I blinked my eyes open and stood up. The sky was lit up by a warm sun and littered with white clouds. I brushed the dirt off my clothes and glanced at my watch. It was 6 am. I dozed off for 3 whole hours. Aunt Emmeline was going to kill me. Without a moment’s delay I ran out of the clearing.

By the time I reached the main street, the local cafe was open. The delicious aroma of bread wafted out, drawing me in. Just for a minute, I promised myself. Pushing the door open, I stepped in. The cafe was usually crowded with people during office hours but deserted otherwise.

“Blissa! I haven’t seen you in ages. Look at you, you’re thin as a bone! come on, let me make you a cup of tea.” Adrienna, exclaimed, her eyes examining me worriedly.

“It’s only been a few days, Adrienna. I came here last Thursday.” I smiled. “It seems longer. Take a seat, I’ll be back in a minute.” she winked at me and disappeared into the kitchen.

She returned a minute later holding a small cake. It was frosted blue with ‘Blissa’ written in Black icing. Grinning widely she set it on the counter. ” Happy Birthday! didn’t think I forgot it, did you?” she looked at me. ” I can’t take this, its-” I began.

“We are not taking this back. So I suggest you quickly blow out the candles and eat that delicious cake before Betty comes and devours it like breakfast.” Mario appeared through the doorway, his apron coated with flour. I blew out the candles and stuffed cake in their mouths, before they could protest.

“Thank you, I don’t know what to say” I admitted, tears blinking in my eyes, threatening to spill. ” It’s nothing” Adrienna said, her eyes a kaleidoscope of emotions. “It’s everything.” I said and pulled them both into a hug. “Okay, kiddo. It’s fine. I get it. But you should get going, or that devil of an aunt will explode again” Mario said. “Yeah..” I smiled wistfully.

“I almost forgot….your present.” Adrienna muttered and pulled out a small gift bag. I nodded by head in disbelief, and glared at them both.

“Come on, open it” Mario gestured. I threw another scowl and pulled out a light brown colored book. ‘HUCKLEBERRY FINN’ was stamped in brilliant gold letters on the dark cover. ” How did you guys know I wanted this book?” I raised an eyebrow. ” I know everything, darling” Mario said smugly and twirled his mustache. Adrienna and I cracked up and Mario rolled his eyes, but his eyes were filled with humour.

We all enjoyed a cup of tea and sooner than I expected, the first customer walked in and I bid my adieu.



It was a sunny day, the sky azure but littered with specks of translucent clouds. I closed my eyes,sunlight pouring down on my face. So this is what ecstasy feels like, I thought to myself. My bike was abandoned next to me, dirt coating its dark tires. A blonde woman was sitting next to me. She looked in her mid- 30’s with pale blue eyes and alabaster skin. Her beauty felt strangely familiar and intimidating. Smiling at me, she reached to caress my cheek and I leaned forward unconsciously. As soon as her hand touched my cheek she dissolved. The sunlight faded out and the grass dried. My bike disappeared and a dark hooded figure reached forward, revealing its face in the movement. The eye sockets were empty, the skin grey and withered. Its mouth twisted into a horrifying smile and I screamed.

I woke up in cold sweat my cheeks stained with tears. I rubbed my eyes and took a deep breath. It was 3 am. Running a hand through my hair, I calmed myself down and straightened my clothes. It was the 4th of January, my birthday. Looking at my reflection, I forced a smile. My hair hung limply on my skinny frame, my skin ashen and red, puffy eyes stared back at me. I showered and dressed, grabbed my watch and a flashlight since it was still a bit dark, discreetly opened my bed-side window and jumped down. Pain shot up my ankles, but I ignored it, limping towards the woods.

I walked slowly ,the pain worsening by each step I took. Cursing myself for my stupidity, I leaned on a tree for support and took off my shoes to examine my feet. My heels were blue-black and swollen. After examining the damage I put my shoes back on and proceeded towards the trail.

After an excruciating fifteen minute walk, I stood in front of a gorgeous clearing. It was dotted with wild flowers and untamed grass. Small rocks littered the ground and the trees surrounded it elegantly and towered above. A large puddle of water laid in the corner, completing the picture. I smiled to myself and laid down on the grass. I stared at the gray sky happily and dozed off.

The Beginning of The End

Hi. I’m writing a new novel, The Beginning of the End. I’ll be posting it chapter-by-chapter as soon as I finish. This story revolves around Blissandra, a 13 year old misfit with a snarky attitude. Her life changes when she discovers who she truly is. Stay tuned to find out more. I’ll be posting the first chapter by the end of the week. Scroll down for a sneak-peek!


Gripping the book firmly, I knocked on the front door, my muddy footprints tainting the spotless front porch. The door was answered by Mandy, the housekeeper. Her wrinkly frown indicating that I was late for tea again. I gulped audibly and stepped into the pristine house. Right beneath the grand chandelier swinging from the ceiling, was Aunt Emmeline. Her face devoid of any emotion but her grey eyes blazing with anger, giving her away. “Good afternoon Aunt Emmeline.” I mumbled, my eyes on her feet. She simply ignored my greeting and walked towards the fireplace. “I was strolling in the garden today.” she continued,her eyes intently studying the leaping flames. “When I saw a dog on the other side of the road. He was digging through a trash can in hopes of finding some food. Just when I thought things couldn’t get worse, I saw you approach it with a piece of bread in your hand” she nodded her head in disbelief. “Humiliating, isn’t it, tsk tsk…”.

“What’s wrong with feeding a hungry animal? It’s not as if I committed treason!” I balled my hands into fists, anger coursing through my veins.

I expected harsh words at my outburst but she just looked down at me with disdain. She held up a battered leather diary and my confidence crumbled away. “Aunt Emmeline, please. I-” She held up a hand to stop my worthless plea. “Softness is not a desirable quality in someone like you. I expected you to be stronger my dear.” her eyes fixed on me. “This” she held up the notebook up for emphasis “is a sign of weakness”. She finished and threw the diary into the fireplace without looking back.